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Aqua Blaster harness fire nozzle adapters and fittings

By CFF Staff   

New products

May 30 – From the inventors of the Aqua Blaster fire hose carrier comes a series of adapters and fittings that will allow a variety of sizes and styles of fire hose and nozzles to be used with the carrier.

The adapters can be interchanged on the elbow swivels, providing additional options with fire hose and fire nozzle combinations that would be best suited for specific tasks.

This will allow more versatility and the ability to improvise when using the Aqua Blaster for firefighting or any other tasks that may require the use of a fire hose and fire nozzle.

For example, the male/female adapters will allow the 1.5 and the 2.5 inch fire nozzles to be used on the nozzle elbow swivel on the Aqua Blaster. These adapters will provide an extra extension on the elbow that will help to eliminate the fire nozzles from being an obstruction.


These adapters aim to provide more range and mobility when operating and/or directing the flow stream that’s coming through an opened or charged fire nozzle.

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