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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One benefit of blogging is that you get to read other people’s blogs in the name of research and expanding your blogging horizons. Tim Beebe, who writes the Spontaneous Combustion column for our Canadian Firefighter quarterly magazine, is the fire chief in Upsala, Ont. Ever been to Upsala? Me neither. By all accounts (or at least by all Tim’s accounts) Upsala is a snowy place hours north of Thunder Bay with lonely stretches of highway, plenty of moose and far-flung mutual aid partners who arrive hours after the call. Fortunately for Tim, his wit, sense of humour and writing talent keep him sane and help him through the sometimes bizarre incidents to which he and his volunteers respond. You can read about Tim’s exploits on his blog. Bookmark it!

of bloggers, I’m having lunch today with Peter Sells, our Flashpoint columnist
and blogger (see, everyone has a blog!). Peter is well connected, opinionated
and smart. He retired a few months ago from Toronto Fire Services and now he’s
teaching, traveling and working with the Brunacini family to teach and promote
the Blue Card Command system. Catch Peter at the Ottawa F.I.R.E. symposium in
May or meet the Brunacinis at the
Blue Card Command Certification
and hazard zone management program at the
University of Notre Dame in
South Bend, IN, Oct. 18-20. Click here for more details.


Safety Minister Vic Toews unveiled a national emergency response plan
yesterday, four months after Auditor General Sheila Fraser blasted
Ottawa for failing to have one. The plan
– which you can read here (but get a coffee – you’ll need it!) – outlines
responsibilities that departments and agencies have in national or provincial
emergencies. The press release on the Public Safety Canada website (www. )
says the plan was developed
by Public Safety Canada
in consultation with other federal departments. The plan is lengthy and there
wasn’t time this morning to sift through it all but if you have an opportunity,
feedback is welcome!

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