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Blackline Safety announces trade-in program for safety monitoring equipment

By CFF Staff   

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June 9, TX – Blackline Safety Corp. has announced an equipment trade-in program designed to make it easier for fire departments and emergency response teams to acquire gas detection equipment and accompanying monitoring software.

The Blackline Safety program allows fire departments and emergency response departments to trade in older safety monitoring equipment that is either end-of-life or not working properly, in exchange for credit towards the purchase of next-generation Blackline Safety G7 EXO area monitors or G7 personal gas detectors.

The G7 EXO area monitors and G7 personal gas detectors can be configured to suit the specific gas hazards expected at an incident, the cloud-connected gas detectors help responders and incident command to accurately visualize what’s happening during an incident in real-time.

Blackline Safety’s devices use built-in cellular and/or optional satellite connectivity, which can allow users to link to the safety monitoring web application to start streaming data from the incident to the cloud. This feature was designed to allow monitoring from anywhere with no limitations on the location of the command centre, the number of devices in the network, or the data transmission distance from the incident to the command centre.

The data from connected devices can be coupled with dispersion modelling software such as Vlahi’s sensor driven CERES platform to proactively forecast where, and at what concentration, a chemical release is likely to spread.

The G7 EXO area monitors and G7 personal gas detectors can be preconfigured and calibrated sensor cartridges to be swapped out. Responders can modify the sensing capabilities of each device while en route to the incident.

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