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BRINC Ball now available to enhance communication capabilities for first responders

By CFF Staff   

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Oct. 24 2022, Seattle, WA – BRINC’s newest product BRINC Ball was designed to aid first responders in establishing and maintaining contact with those in crisis.

For fire crews, BRINC Ball could help in communicating with someone who may be trapped in a fire.

The device works essentially as a ruggedized throw phone. Agencies can deploy the ball in areas they cannot reach, and call the ball to activate its microphone and speaker. Any number of team members can join the call to aid

The Ball has a variety of pre-programmed text commands for adjusting settings, checking battery life, and viewing its GPS location. All of BRINC Ball’s features are accessible by calling or text.
The BRINC Ball is water resistant and can sustain twice as many drops as the MIL-STD-910G standard. The device holds up to a 24-hour sustained talk time battery life, or over 6 days of standby time.


First responders can request a free testing and evaluation unit for a two-week period before deciding to purchase.

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