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New study assesses effectiveness of decon to reduce exposure to PAHs

A new study based on live fire training shows skin decontamination methods vary in their effectiveness to reduce internal PAHs in firefighters.

Firefighters appeal for Yellowknife to release full risk report

The Yellowknife Fire Fighters Association says it requested a copy of the Community Risk Assessment from the City of Yellowknife in December but received a heavily redacted version.

Nova Scotia firefighter says cancer, mental health remain ‘big battle’ for crews

Nova Scotia firefighters and politicians sat down in Halifax on Tuesday to discuss what supports are needed during a standing committee on human resources.

Long delays force fire departments to rethink new truck purchase process

In Ontario, the Cambridge Fire Department needs a new fire truck and during budget, a motion asked council to approve a portion of the 2024 forecast budget to get the process of purchasing started now.


NFPA’s® Fire Protection Handbook is regarded as the most comprehensive resource for fire and life safety industries

NFPA® has released its 21st edition of the Fire Protection Handbook (FPH) - a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind reference guide of fire and life safety prevention and protection information for students and professionals across a wide range of industries worldwide. The new edition reflects the very latest fire protection and fire safety information, research and data, emerging technologies, and safety practices. The last edition was published in 2008.

Available in March, this new edition is can now be pre-ordered through Firehall Bookstore.

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Psychological PPE: Protecting personal relationships

After 20 years working for two fire departments, I have heard all the stories. Firefighters whom I interacted with were on their first, second and sometimes third marriages. For some reason, the fire service industry has a pervasive divorce rate. By James Rychard. » Read More...

Back to Basics: Desensitizing firefighters

As we begin a new year, we’re going to begin a new series of articles focusing on the topic of desensitizing firefighters. This has been the topic of many lectures I’ve delivered, and the focus of this topic is to explore the different contributing factors and the common items that a firefighter becomes numb or desensitized to over the course of their career. By Mark van der Feyst. » Read More...

Decon in the fire service

At one time, a dirty, contaminated helmet was considered a trophy. In the past, we would commonly stand around after a hard battle with fire chatting with our brothers and sisters with whom we haven’t seen in a while. So, what has changed? By Richard Hynes. » Read now...

Where can’t I use a thermal imager?

I love seeing the reactions when I ask firefighters if they use their thermal imagers (TI) on every call that they go on. Often, this great piece of technology is just sitting in the apparatus while the firefighters are doing all the hard work! It’s all about TRAINING! By Manfred Kihn. » Read More...


Finding a fit through the Multi-Mini-Interview process

Karen Roche, fire chief for Burlington, Ont., shares how her department is looking to hire the right fit for fire fighting through the Multi-Mini-Interview process, or MMIs. The MMI program has a strong focus on assessing soft skills and determining emotional intelligence. Take a deep dive into this hiring technique with Chief Roche and host Tom DeSorcy. » Listen now


Security, Police & Fire Career Expo

Mar. 9, 2023
Location: Mississauga, Ont.
»