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Alberta firefighters to receive presumptive coverage for 20 different cancers

All Alberta firefighters will now receive presumptive coverage for 20 different cancers. This comes after the province expanded presumptive coverage for the firefighters who fought the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire. Alberta has also reduced the exposure time requirement for a cancer that is already on the list.

Transportation Rescue Extrication program introduced in Saskatchewan

A newly introduced program is giving volunteer firefighters in Saskatchewan the skills they need to help extract drivers from vehicles involved in crashes. A total of $5.6 million in funding was given to the Transportation Rescue Extrication (TREX) program by SGI and the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency.

First batch of first responders graduate from new Ontario First Nation fire program

A tribal council that represents five First Nations in northwestern Ontario says the first batch of local emergency medical responders has graduated from a new training program and will serve Pikangikum First Nation. The Independent First Nations Alliance says it created its own training program for emergency responders to help its communities respond to devastating fires.

Firefighters want police watchdog to reopen investigation into 2020 RCMP shooting at N.S. fire hall

Almost three years after two RCMP officers opened fire on a civilian outside a fire hall in Onslow, N.S., two firefighters who were inside the building at the time want the province’s police watchdog to reopen its investigation into what happened. Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade volunteers chief Greg Muise and deputy chief Darrell Currie hid for hours inside the hall along with Portapique evacuee Richard Ellison after the shots were fired, fearing a wanted gunman on the loose was outside.


Sirens For Life launches in BC!

Looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in your community? Consider joining the Sirens For Life campaign! This partnership between Canadian Blood Services and first responders across Canada aims to increase blood and plasma donations and raise awareness about the importance of donating. By joining the campaign, you can pledge to donate blood or plasma, create a Partners For Life team, and use your voice to encourage others to donate. With your help, we can ensure a stable supply of blood for patients in need across Canada. Join the Sirens For Life campaign today and help us save lives! » Learn more

Recipe Rescue: It’s all about balance

At Waterloo Fire Rescue, I am fortunate enough to work with one of the leaders of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Peer Fitness Initiative Team, Luke Pederson. He has a super progressive mind and is a true pioneer in firefighter health and fitness. Our stations are posturized with small tidbits of useful information from the IAFF on everything to help us all lead and live healthier, happier lives. Posters include tips on fitness, body movement, sleep, hydration, cancer fighting tips and nutrition—to name just a few. By Patrick Mathieu. » Read More...

Psychological PPE: The fire service’s Challenger

For decades, NASA was on top. With a streak of successes, they grew a mindset that they could do anything. They could fix any problem placed in front of them. Recall the year 1970 when the Apollo 13 crew experienced irreparable damage to their spacecraft on the way to the moon. It was NASA’s engineers, millions of miles away, who innovatively orchestrated the unconventional use of internal spacecraft parts that saved the three astronauts and enabled their return to earth unscathed. By James Rychard. » Read More...
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NEW EDITION Fire Investigator: Principles and Practice, Sixth Edition

Covering the entire spectrum of the 2020 Edition of NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigation and 2021 Edition of NFPA 1033: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator, the Sixth Edition offers a comprehensive introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective fire investigator. The textbook opens with details on how to use available investigation resources and the basics of fire science and investigation methodology, then evolves to discuss processes and special considerations for investigating specific types of fires and explosions.

» Learn more about the many enhancements in the 6th edition

Steam: What you need to know

Each of the different nozzle patterns needs to be understood and applied at the correct time and with the right technique to effectively extinguish and avoid deadly fire dynamics like flashovers and rollovers, resulting in steam burns. Knowing what fire stream to apply, the volume of water to apply and what effect it will have is essential. If applied improperly, negative effects will occur. By Lance Bushie. » Read now...

Tools of the Trade: Your brain and aging into retirement

Fire fighting can be a grueling yet rewarding career. Those who are lucky enough to call it their job are passionate about what they do and want to enjoy the stage that follows: retirement. Retirement can mean many different things but common wants include good health, quality of life and longevity. All three of these ideas are tied to how we take care of ourselves and come with good planning and preparation over hope. By Sean Kingswell. » Read More...


The role of a fire investigator

The easiest fire to fight is one that is prevented from happening. In this edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast, host Tom DeSorcy is joined by Brad Davidson, retired firefighter and fire investigator from Flin Flon, Man. The two discuss how Davidson got his start in the fire service, the difference between municipal and industrial fire protection, the changes in fire behaviours and reactions, and the importance of fire investigation. » Listen now


FDIC International

April 24, 2023
Location: Indianapolis, IN
»

AFCA Conference and Trade Show

May 28, 2023
Location: Edmonton, AB
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