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Iqaluit's growing population brings emergency calls to all time high: fire chief

Iqaluit’s growing population has caused emergency calls for service to double over the past five years, and the city’s fire chief expects that number to keep rising. As a result, the fire department has had to learn to prioritize emergencies over the phone when too many calls come in at once, said Fire Chief Steve McGean.

Ontario says its ready to respond to 2023 wildland fire season

The Ontario government says the province is ready to respond to this year’s wildland fire season, which lasts from April 1 until Oct. 31. The province has action plans in place to manage large, complex fires, especially near communities and critical infrastructure, stated the government in a press release.

New provincial funding to help expand emergency supports for evacuees in B.C.

In B.C., more than 57 First Nations and local governments will receive funding to improve and modernize emergency support services for people evacuated from their homes during emergencies. More than $2.2 million from the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund will support communities to expand their capacity to provide emergency support services through volunteer recruitment, retention, and training, including in-house training, and the purchase of equipment.

Town of Bracebridge approves actions to improve community resiliency against the impacts of climate change

In Ontario, Bracebridge Town Council has approved an action plan and implementation schedule which outlines the actions that each Muskoka municipality plans to take to address the most urgent and threatening impacts of climate change. The Bracebridge Action Plan and Implementation Schedule is the town-specific portion of the District of Muskoka’s Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan. This adaptation plan is a priority for the town as it prepares for a more resilient future, stated a government issued press release.


Builds a solid foundation for your fire service teaching career

Instructor 1 for Fire and Emergency Services provides the information necessary to become certified as a Fire Instructor 1 according to the National Fire Protection Association’s 1041 standards. It covers lesson plans, learning styles, how to construct a lecture, audiovisual equipment and classroom setup, mentoring, distance learning, and testing.

Meets the requirements for Fire Instructor 1 in NFPA 1041: Standard for Fire and Emergency Service Instructor Professional Qualifications.

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Extrication Tips: Recon in the rescue environment

All too often we get caught up with the skills that relate to specific types of rescues. We see this not only in training but also in how we operate on scene. It’s easy to get caught up in the tools and techniques that engage all of us so much in the world of technical rescue. This can range from being trained on a skill before learning the basics, to on scene operations who skip tasks that can endanger our members and patients, and cause us to miss critical information that will make our jobs much easier. By Chad Roberts. » Read More...

Fit for Duty: So, you have back pain?

Statistics Canada reports that more than 80 per cent of the population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives.1 To add insult to injury (pardon the pun), Statistics Canada also reports that for 85 per cent to 90 per cent of individuals with back pain, no known specific cause can be identified. Most back pain occurrences will happen between the ages of 30 and 50 and will affect men and women equally. The cause of back pain can come from a mechanical movement, from trauma or from an underlying medical issue. By Sherry Dean. » Read More...

3 tools for stress

Given the VUCA — volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous — world in which we live, stress is a predictable outcome. For firefighters whose work environment is characterized by unpredictable schedules, events, and emergencies as well as erratic sleep and eating patterns, the effects of stress are significant. Stress leaves people vulnerable to negative physical, mental, and behavioural issues. Worse, too much stress causes the immune system to shut down. By James Rychard. » Read now...

Celebrating Generations

In family businesses, there are often negotiations around offspring and their candidacy — obligation, opposition or anticipation — to one day take the helm. As a firefighter, no such financial succession exists in the service, but many children have opted to take the path of a senior family member in the fire service anyway. This is evidenced anecdotally; though it was difficult to come up with statistics on the matter many of you will know of, work with, have read about or are part of a generational fire fighting family. By Laura Aiken. » Read More...


The role of a fire investigator

The easiest fire to fight is one that is prevented from happening. In this edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast, host Tom DeSorcy is joined by Brad Davidson, retired firefighter and fire investigator from Flin Flon, Man. The two discuss how Davidson got his start in the fire service, the difference between municipal and industrial fire protection, the changes in fire behaviours and reactions, and the importance of fire investigation. » Listen now


FDIC International

April 24, 2023
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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AFCA Conference and Trade Show

May 28, 2023
Location: Edmonton, AB
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