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Laurier firefighters achieve auto extrication and exterior attacks certification

Fire Chief Tim Hollands says he and 10 volunteer firefighters have received their compliance letters from Ontario Fire Marshal Jon Pegg.Twelve members make up the local fire department.

Ontario puts $113M in budget to emergency preparedness

Community organizations and municipalities in Ontario could get a piece of $110 million in funding the province has committed over three years for emergency readiness. A failure to plan is preparing to fail, the government said in the budget released Thursday.

After tragic year, Brampton Fire plans to expand; rapid growth, illegal basements still a problem

A key focus for Brampton Fire and Emergency Services this year will be mitigating risk through education and engagement in a quickly growing community, after a grim year in which 10 community members lost their lives - some could have been saved had functional smoke detectors been present.

Volunteer firefighter numbers dropped by 38.6% over past decade in Sudbury

The number of volunteer firefighters working out of Greater Sudbury’s fire halls has plummeted by 38.6 per cent during the past decade, from 339 to 208. These annual figures account for year-end totals, with the current total dropping by an additional dozen members since Dec. 31, 2022, to its current 196.

City council approves hiring of four new firefighters in 2023

City Council has taken the next step in implementing Vernon Fire Rescue Service’s (VFRS) Eight Year Strategic Plan by approving the hiring of four new firefighters this year. Not only does the approval meet the timeline of the Strategic Plan, but it will also enhance capacity of the department at a time when First Responders are facing increased response demand for fires and the opioid crisis.


NEW TITLE: Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention

The first edition of Fire Protection Publication’s Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention will equip interventionists and program managers with the tools needed to create, implement, and evaluate a Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention program. The first six chapters of the book are for the interventionist while the last two chapters speak directly to the program manager.

The manual successfully meets the job performance requirements of NFPA 1030, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Prevention Program Positions.

» Learn more about this new title

Front Seat: Rekindling passion for the fire service

This year marks my 16th with the fire service and, as we know, as much as we strive to keep our spirits high and attitudes in a positive manner, we can lose focus of how we can do that. I think it was a combination of the pandemic and balancing work and extra-curricular activities, but I found it tough to be a positive person to be around at times. Around the middle of the pandemic, it felt like we were going through the same motions, and we were stuck on a merry-go-round that wasn’t so merry. By Jason Clark. » Read More...

Comment: Preparing for an emergency

As I continue my journey of learning more about the fire service, it’s clear that being prepared for any kind of emergency is of the utmost importance. These emergencies could range anywhere from car accidents to medical calls to house fires to natural disasters, like wildfires. This goes for civilians and public safety personnel. But what goes into being “prepared”? By Brittani Schroeder. » Read More...

Psychological PPE: Protecting personal relationships

After 20 years working for two fire departments, I have heard all the stories. Firefighters whom I interacted with were on their first, second and sometimes third marriages. It didn’t seem to make a difference whether they were from career, combination or volunteer systems; the pendulum seemed to swing farther over to the divorced side than the married one. By James Rychard. » Read now...

Fine-tuning fire prevention

Published in April 2022 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the article entitled “Interventions for Preventing Residential Fires in Vulnerable Neighbourhoods and Indigenous Communities: A Systematic Review of the Evidence” reviewed thousands of studies and research conducted since 1990 on residential fire prevention in order to identify the characteristics of interventions with success in mitigating fire incidents among vulnerable population groups. By Len Garis, Mandy Desautels, Samar Al-Hajj and Ian Pike. » Read More...


The role of a fire investigator

The easiest fire to fight is one that is prevented from happening. In this edition of Fire Fighting in Canada: The Podcast, host Tom DeSorcy is joined by Brad Davidson, retired firefighter and fire investigator from Flin Flon, Man. The two discuss how Davidson got his start in the fire service, the difference between municipal and industrial fire protection, the changes in fire behaviours and reactions, and the importance of fire investigation. » Listen now


FDIC International

April 24, 2023
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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