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Easy Aerial releases portable autonomous drone in a box monitoring system

By CFF Staff   

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Easy Aerial Portable Autonomous Drone Credit: Easy Aerial

On Nov.5, Easy Aerial, a Brooklyn-based provider of autonomous drone-based monitoring solutions for government, public safety, military, and commercial applications, launched its latest system, the Smart Aerial Monitoring System, SAMS-T-MINI.

The SAMS-T-MINI is a compact and portable tethered drone in a box designed for mission-critical, on the move operations. It provides constant eye-in-the-sky surveillance for extended periods of time to obtain aerial imagery and situational awareness, either stationary or on a moving vehicle. The SAMS-T-MINI joins a line of SAMS and SAMS-T systems currently on offer from Easy Aerial.

The system comes with the following key features:

  • 35-pound total package weight
  • 330 ft Data Over Power (DOP) tether
  • 24 hours of continuous flight time
  • 15 payload options
  • All-weather, rugged, military-grade durability
  • Operational in GPS denied environments
  • Secure and unjammable data connection
  • Precise hovering over the ground station, stationary or on the move (on vehicle)
  • Fully autonomous and  remotely deployable
  • Quick, easy, and simple deployment with immediate, one-click activation

Multiple Payload Options:

  • Dual EO and IR
  • 30x zoom
  • 360o camera
  • SIGINT Receivers IMSI catcher
  • X-band Radar
  • 4G LTE MPU Waveform

Easy Aerial solutions are durable, all-weather capable and designed to operate in the most inhospitable environments with little to no infrastructure support. The company’s line of SAMS includes free-flight and tethered autonomous systems that accommodate a variety of sensor payloads. With the ability to deploy anywhere, the systems take off and land from a portable, rechargeable enclosure without the need for on-site human intervention.

Easy Aerial Portable Autonomous Drone
Credit: Easy Aerial

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