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Ontario Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Symposium

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July 10 - July 11, 2024
Garry W. Morden Centre, Mississauga, Ont.

This symposium is designed for educators, investigators, and frontline first responders to gain a comprehensive overview of lithium-ion battery technology, which is becoming increasingly common in various devices and applications.

Solutions and products will be showcased by Call2Recycle and CellBlock; Tesla will have cars on display with technicians on-site to answer questions; and, Dirk Fuchs will demonstrate the disassembly of Stellantis battery packs. There will also be an important announcement for all first responders in Ontario, along with the release of a free 1-855 number to provide resources for first responders on scene in real time.

Industry Expert Guest Speakers:

Dalan Zartman will discuss the challenges facing the fire service associated with large format Lithium-ion batteries both in the electric vehicle application and stationary storage. This dynamic course will deliver critical information for those responding to these types of incidents and provide ample opportunity for questions and answers.

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Dirk Fuchs, ESA’s Director of Engineering, will disassemble an EV Lithium-Ion Battery in his presentation. He will explain the architecture of the battery by starting with the battery management system and its function. Dirk will point out the Battery modules, explain the difference between series and parallel battery cells, and how they are connected with busbars. In the next step, Dirk will perform a few measurements to the system and give detailed explanations as to why they are so important. Dirk will provide a few examples of common problems that he has seen through his years of forensic investigative battery experience.


John Cassidy, FDNY Lieutenant, will present on Lithium-ion Battery Safety and Tactics. The increase in popularity of battery-operated mobility devices, like scooters, skateboards and bicycles, has meant a dramatic increase in fires in New York City caused by lithium-ion batteries—sometimes with fatal consequences. Lt. Cassidy, Haz-mat Company 1, will discuss the dangers of these batteries, and tactics and procedures operational units can use at these incidents.


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