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Johnson Controls acquires Rescue Air Systems to enhance fire suppression portfolio

By CFF Staff   

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Oct. 5, 2022, Cork, Ireland — Johnson Controls announced that they have acquired Rescue Air Systems, a provider of firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) that enable firefighters to refill breathing air bottles within a building during responses.

An alternative to carrying fresh air bottles into a building, FARS stations are designed to replenish firefighters’ air bottles in less than two minutes using a building-installed air standpipe system. Just as water standpipes in buildings provide ready access to water, FARS provide firefighters with quick access to a safer, more constant and more dependable source of breathing air inside a compromised structure in an emergency.

Rescue Air Systems, based in San Francisco, will add to Johnson Controls’ portfolio of fire suppression products and solutions including fire sprinkler system products, foam agents and hardware, and special hazards products.

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