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New LEADER Mix 2000 foam proportioning system

By CFF Staff   

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The fire equipment manufacturer LEADER has launched a new version of autonomous proportioning system: LEADER MIX 2000. With its patented mechanical and automatic mixing system, the new LEADER MIX 2000 fits for different firefighting scenarios, ensure reliable and optimum operation with low operational cost. A new version which completes the range of autonomous proportioner until then limited to 1000 l/min.

Several fixed mixing ratios from 0.1 per cent to 6 per cent are available. To use, the firefighter just has to turn a manual selector to immediately set up and adjust the mixing ratio.
The LEADER MIX 2000 is suitable for a wide flow range from 300 to 2000 l/min. It realizes real-time adjustment, without human intervention, of current water flow and in case of flow variations. On large scale fire requiring high flow, it is possible to combine several LEADER MIX 2000 to go up to even larger flows. By coupling two LEADER MIX 2000, you achieve flow ranges of 600 to 4000l/min.
The LEADER MIX 2000 handle all foam concentrate types, including AR-types (wetting-foaming agents, fluorine-free foam concentrate, AFFF, AFFF-AR, proteinic foam, etc.), whether their viscosity: liquids foams (Newtonian fluids) or highly viscous foams (pseudoplastic). The equipment has been tested and calibrated for an accurate dosing, particularly for highly viscous pseudoplastic foam concentrates proportioned at 1 per cent and 3 per cent.
The control panel allows to select the intervention position: water, foam or flush. The “water” position (by-pass) reduces pressure loss in the water supply when foam injection is not necessary. The “flush” position allows the dosing system to be rinsed and clean up for the next operation. The simple interface is easily understandable for fast and flawless action.

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