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Observations on a February day

By Laura King   

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Feb. 4, 2009

Ah, winter in Canada. Freshly fallen snow. Awesome skiing. And fires. Lots and lots of fires. Every morning we (either me or my editorial assistant) search the news wires for items to post on the home page of our website. And every morning lately there have been stories of fire deaths. There’s nothing new about this today – it’s just an observation on the morning after a little girl was tossed to safety from a second-storey window in a Toronto townhouse but a 63-year-old woman died after the oxygen tank in her bedroom exploded. Her husband – now a widower – says he expects she was having a smoke. Unbelievable.

I neglected last week to mention the response by Cyril W. Hare, retired chief of  Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services, to
the Jan. 24 Toronto Star editorial that suggested it might make more sense to
better train seniors home workers rather than spend money retrofitting for
sprinklers. Mr. Hare’s response was bang on.

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