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Patriot One Technologies to provide advanced AI platform to improve situational awareness

By CFF Staff   

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Patriot One Technologies has signed a 24-month, $1 million contract with Innovation Solutions Canada to provide artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to improve situational awareness for first responders and firefighters.

Having previously completed the Phase One proof of concept for the project under Patriot One’s subsidiary, Xtract AI, Patriot One has now moved onto Phase Two, which includes creating the technology and innovations as defined in Phase One. This partnership is part of Canada’s “Head Up Hands Free” program, which is aimed at helping firefighters work safer within dangerous environments.

Patriot One, through development by Xtract AI, its AI innovation and development arm, will aim tp provide a range of hardware and software technology solutions with the goal of making firefighters’ jobs safer. These include:

  • Machine learning (ML) models to allow commanders to monitor the fire ground through factors such as fire development, flow-path and smoke classification, as well as track the firefighters’ locations and statuses.
  • Location-tracking and path-finding to aid firefighters in navigating through complex buildings where visibility is poor due to flames or thick smoke.
  • Lower-explosive-limit sensors and digital solutions to be built into firefighters’ personal protective equipment (PPE) and automatically turned on with air supply. These sensors will monitor the environment for hazards such as structural collapses or extreme temperatures. The built-in hardware will free up the firefighters’ hands as it requires no additional action to use.
  • Text-to-speech to relay notifications and to provide a non-distracting way for firefighters to be warned about dangerous situations. This can also be used for event logging from audio reports, and to save data for review or training after the job is done.
  • Technology to monitor firefighters’ health to warn of risks such as heat exhaustion, stroke, cardiovascular emergencies or cancer risk from carcinogenic gasses.

The funding and program support for this project was provided by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). The technology developed by Patriot One will be used domestically and internationally, in multiple applications. Patriot One has worked with Innovation Solutions Canada on several projects, including Phase One of the Head Up Hands Free project.


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