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East Kootenay gets funding ahead of NG911

By Regional District of East Kootenay   

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Aug. 16, 2023, East Kootenay, B.C. – East Kootenay, B.C. will receive $45,000 in funding for local preparedness prior to implementing Next Generation 911 (NG911) in the province.

The government said in a press release that the 2023 Next Generation Funding has been provided to all local governments and modern Treaty First Nations to support local preparedness for the implementation of the new 911 system and can be used for everything from public education to mapping, GIS, and staff training.

NG911 is expected to modernize the current 911 system to allow for newer technology such as video and real-time text, and will include greater capacity for 911 operators to gather situational awareness and location information from callers.

East Kootenay has until Aug. 2, 2026 to use the approved funding, which is part of a $150 million dollar commitment by the province to assist with technological upgrades and offset costs related to the implementation of the new system.

NG911 is anticipated to be in place across Canada in March 2025.

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