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Lack of connectivity in rural, remote Manitoba dangerous in emergencies, firefighter says

By Daisy Woelk and Katherine Dornian, Global News   

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Mar. 27, 2024, Eddystone, Man. – In an emergency, the number is 911. But what happens when your call doesn’t patch through? For 1,400 people in Eddystone, Man., located in the Rural Municipality of Alonsa, that’s a problem they live with in the midst of unpredictable cell and internet service.

“For cellphone coverage, you can be in one spot one day and it’ll work fine, like with an LTE network,” says Ian Kotelko, a volunteer firefighter at Westlake Fire Department. “The next day, you’ll be standing in the same spot and it’ll be struggling to find the same signal.” | READ MORE

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